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I try to keep my house relatively clean. For the most part, I do ok. However, there are some areas I never get to. For example, my basement. I went down to start packing and realized how gross my stockpile area was! I just go in there and throw stuff in.  I never really take the time to clean it up. I was totally embarassed!

I was happy to give anything a shot to clean up my basement.  When I learned that Biz was not just a laundry detergent booster, I grabbed a box from my stockpile.  Who knew that Biz Stain Fighter – Detergent Booster for laundry stains, could also be used as a household cleaner. Biz powderis also a multi-purpose cleaner for many cleaning tasks around the house!

So don’t judge, but here is my basement freezer before Biz Stain Fighter. It was covered in a layer of dust – so much so that it looked like it was yellow. I promise it wasn’t – it was just plain ole dirty!

Here is my basement freezer after cleaning it up with Biz Stain Fighter. I just mixed the Biz with hot water and went to it! Worked like a charm.

So if you have some Biz Stain Fighter in your stockpile, don’t be afraid to give it a shot on your household cleaning!

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It is Spring and a great time to spruce up your laundry room!  Enter to win a Biz Prize pack and $100.00 Visa Gift Card! 

To enter: Leave a comment on this post with what your biggest #dirtylaundry problems are!  Is it your kids uniforms?socks?your hubby? Let us know!

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  • My biggest dirty laundry problems are the amount of laundry I always seem to have and the grease stains my boyfriend frequently gets on his clothes. :O

  • Anna

    Baby food stains! Who knew sweet potatoes don’t ever come out?

  • Kellie

    My biggest laundry problem would be my boyfriends work clothes. He works two jobs and both in food so his clothes are always greasy!

  • Michelle S

    My husband’s dirty cammies!

  • Kathy L.

    My biggest laundry problem is me! I get really dirty working in the garden!

  • Anonymous

    My 3 kids’ shirts!! They are messy eaters!!! Ketchup, Mac n cheese, tomato soup,….. You name it, it’s on them!

    • Lori

      My 3 kids’ shirts!! They are messy eaters!!! Ketchup, Mac n cheese, tomato soup,….. You name it, it’s on them!

  • Pam

    My biggest laundry problem is getting baby food stains out of my granddaughter’s clothes. Carrots are the worst.

  • Nancy B

    My son and husbands jeans. I have no idea how the get them so filthy

  • Kristina

    My husband is a restaurant manager and his grease stains from a 12 hour shift are the worst.

  • Nancy

    My biggest challenge : hubby’s dirt and grass stains.

  • Candice

    Food stains like tomato sauce is the worst.

  • Lauren

    T shirts and socks are our laundry issue! Ew!!

  • Lily

    I don’t have any, thank goodness. Happy Easter everyone!

  • Janet

    My biggest problem is my husband’s t shirts. He always drops food on his shirt when he eats

  • Valerie

    My biggest problem are the clothes that are worn outside after working in the yard all day.

  • Erik

    Biggest dirty laundry problem is getting clothes really clean. Some products just don’t work well. I hpe Biz is up to the task!

  • Penny Pierce

    #dirtylaundry problem is my husbands white work socks.

  • Caroline

    My biggest problem is my husbands white undershirts .

  • Hannah L

    Mine are the arts and crafts stains my daughter comes home from preschool with.

  • Jamie Villegas

    Well its kind of a toss up between my husband’s military uniforms and the constant stains on my childrens school uniforms. Oh how I need help.

  • Sarah Taylor

    My biggest laundry problem is baby poop from diaper blowouts!

  • Andrea

    My biggest laundry problem at the moment are the stains caused by baby food on my month olds onsies.

  • Margaret P.

    My biggest laundry problem is cat hair. We have 2 cats & their hair gets on everything. I am constantly washing the blankets we keep over the back of the upholstered furniture.

  • Vicki

    My biggest laundry problem is dog wash – beds, towels, etc. We raise puppies who will become service dogs for Canine Partners for Life and have our own pet dog. There is always something that is smelly and dirty waiting to be laundered.

  • Janet

    My biggest laundry problem is ME! I’m a cake decorator and cake and buttercream are a challenge to get out!

  • r.p.

    my biggest laundry /stain problem is my hubbie. he works outside and mud and concrete , etc are always a problem.

  • Katie

    Getting out the yellow cheese color from Mac n Cheese from white shirts!

  • kim k

    My son’s socks are my biggest challenge by far!!!

  • christine hunter

    My biggest laundry problem are getting the stains off my rags that I use around the house to clean up mess.

  • Elaine

    Getting the stains out of my son’s white baseball uniform.

  • Valerie

    My husbands work clothes are my biggest problem!

  • maria

    son’s dirty sports uniform

  • my cleaning problem – cats, cats, cats.

  • Rachel

    Mine is my hubbys dirty work clothes and my boys socks!

  • Julie

    my husband’s jeans -grease

  • Maralea

    My biggest laundry problemis the grease my husband gets on his clothes after working on his trucks!

  • Jodie Cochran

    Children stains are the worst. With 4 young kids its hard to keep their clothes looking nice.

  • Gets dirty socks clean.

  • Amanda

    The stains on my toddler’s clothes!

  • Daraya

    Stains from cooking (grease, vinegar, juice, sauces, etc.)!

  • Jill C

    Smelly armpits on t-shirts!

  • Victoria

    We cloth diaper and some of those white inserts are just NOT white anymore. I know they’re just diapers, but I wish I could get more of the stains out for my own sanity. #dirtylaundry bites.

  • Cindy

    My hubby’s white undershirts.

  • Jolene

    biggest problem…kids shirts, they are messy eaters! Drips of ketchup, bbq sauce, ranch…anything they can drip, they do!

  • Diana Bombach

    Probably grass stains on my kids’ knees.

  • Stacey B

    My biggest laundry challenge are the random food and drink stains my son manages to get all over his shirts

  • Tabathia B

    pasta sauce stains are the worst and I usually cook something using pasta sauce weekly

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Jackie

    Unfortunately the problem is me, not my kids or husband. I am a magnet for stains. Biggest issue is grease stains from washing the dishes. Because I’m shorter, my waist hits below the counter so the bottom of my shirts are always the victim of splashing grease as I wash the dishes. I have thrown out more stained shirts than I can count. I can’t afford it. NO detergent I have used has worked yet. Would love to see BIZ do the trick!

  • Hanna

    My husband’s weekend projects leave his clothes filthy! Usually mud, which is a pain to wash out. And my five year old… Forget it! His clothes collect messes like magic.

  • I have a 9year old boy. His clothes are ridiculous! Dirt, grease, food, grass, blood, you name it, he’s covered in it!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • Jessica To

    My biggest problem is getting the mud and grass stains out of the knees of my son’s pants.

  • Stephanie Gossett

    My biggest issue is food stains from my little girls. That is the biggest #dirtylaundry problem in this house!

  • Shannon

    We cloth diaper, getting those stains out is tough!

  • Holly B

    I have such hard time getting socks completely white again!

  • Ttrockwood

    My workout clothes are seriously funky! And i swear the dryer eats my socks!!

  • Nikki

    My 4 year old son’s clothes and the occasional accidents..

  • Camiele

    My biggest culprit is the clay dirt that we have around here – it never comes out!

  • Brittany

    Aside from my puppy and her blankets that she likes to go to the bathroom on (which is not what it’s, laundry all together is my biggest problem. Only because of my procrastination to get it done.

  • Deanna G.

    My gym clothes!

  • Alicia

    My hubby works in construction and all three of our kiddos are in sports, so I am left with two battles: Getting the stains out before they are permanently set and keeping up with the extra large daily loads!!

  • Tabitha P.

    my bf! his socks are rank! ew

  • kjasus

    my son is the worst laundry offender. comes home soooo dirty!

  • Susan C

    In the summer, my mowing clothes are my biggest dirty laundry problem – I have very sandy soil and it clings to every inch of my clothing.

  • Workout gear is the biggest problem for me.

  • jasper

    we have a black cat and we find little black hairs everywhere :P

  • Sara Powers

    My hubby wears numerous pairs of sweatshirts and sweatpants each day – and they all get filthy while he works to fix his dad’s truck! The laundry never ends!

  • Jennifer

    I practice yoga several times per week, and that means several extra pairs of outfits that must be washed!

  • My fiance and I are active and sweat, so we always have sweaty clothes to wash.

  • kristie

    what a great giveaway thank you! my biggest laundry problem.. my 15 yr old sons cloths!!!

  • denise

    trying to get dirt out of kids baseball uniforms

  • Jennifer

    My daughter seems likes to play in the dirt with the boys, so the seat and knees of her pants usually are covered in dirt and grass stains, which never fully come out. It would be great to find something that works for that.

  • Cheryl Herold

    My biggest dirty laundry problem is my husband’s oil stained work clothes.

  • clarissa

    my husband wears a lot of light khaki colored pants and eats a lot of greasy food…bad combo…all his pants end up with greasy type stains that I have a hard time removing

  • Erika

    My 3 year old’s food stains! He is a little piggy sometimes:) Thanks!

  • Lauren

    My biggest laundry problem is folding it afterwards!

  • sarah hirsch

    my daughter sometimes gets bloody noses, those are the worst laundry issue i have


    mustard stains

  • Alexis Z.

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problem is making my whites really white again.

  • D Schmidt

    My biggest issue is my children and the grass stains they manage to get every time they enter the yard. I would swear they crawl around intentionally ;)

  • Living in GA I would have to say the Red Clay Mud makes laundry difficult.

  • Elaine A.

    Not being too creative here, but I’m gonna have to say socks also!

  • Thomas Murphy

    My biggest laundry problem is my kids getting grass and dirt stains on there clothes from playing outside.

  • amber

    my biggest laundry issue is washing dog beds of 3 dogs

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    My biggest laundry problem is my fiancee’s work clothes. Its always a great challenge to get them clean!

  • Shirley

    My husband is a carpenter and uses all different kinds of chemicals and cleaners. One of the biggest challanges is clak trying to get that out what a pain. and just tough dirt that has been caked on.

  • Heather D

    my husband works in irrigation so his clothes are all muddy and sweaty, and my boys LOVE to play outside and get all dirty.

  • Laura Jacobson

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problems are Carters potty training accidents, and daddys baseball grass and dirt stains!

  • Andrea

    keeping my baby’s & toddler’s clothes stain-free!

  • shana

    My biggest problem is laundry. It seems to be never ending i can do laundry every day and still end up washing three loads a day.

  • Elise M

    My baby’s clothes, that food is impossible to get off clothes

  • Harmony B

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problem is my boys and food stains

  • Katy P

    My biggest laundry problem would be baby stains- from messy diapers to food stains!

  • Louis

    tomato sauce, all the time

  • Sunnie

    Id say my husbands grease stains

  • martha

    Stinky gym clothes from two people who work out daily.

  • judyyy

    food stains

  • domestic diva

    Food stains are the biggest issue here.

  • Gail

    grease stains on silk shirts!

  • debbie jackson

    athletic uniforms debijackson
    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  • Deb DeLucia

    Restaurant kitchen stains on my aprons.

  • Janice K.

    My husband’s work clothes!

  • Emi

    My children go to the park and use the play equipment and come home with dirt on the knee of their pants that does not come out! I have tried soaking and laundry boosters, but to no avail. And I used to work heavy construction and be in a lot of dirt and always was able to get those stains out!

  • ShaNae

    My baby gets food all over everything and it stains.

  • Elena Vo

    The dirty towels from my car’s backseat whenever I’m transporting my dogs between houses! The little stinkers always find mud and the towels (I chose grey ones on purpose) always have big stains on them from grass and dirt. That’s my biggest #dirtylaundry problem!

  • Mary R

    My biggest stains are tomato based and chocolate .

  • petra

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problems are stinky, sweaty, stained clothes from the gym and sports practices

  • Amy N.

    That’s a tough one. Grass stains on baseball uniforms are pretty tough sometimes. But, when my husband works on old cars, the greese is very tough to get out.

  • Vicky Fasnacht

    Oh, I have several! Biggest I guess is grease stains on my son’s Chef uniforms (and my own clothes from everyday cooking in the kitchen – I always get stuff splashed on me!) Grass and dirt stains from working in the garden are also a big one (me again!) And everyone’s white socks, because we all walk around the house with no shoes – just socks, even outside occasionally. I used Biz many years ago but haven’t used it lately – I think I will print the coupon and give it a try again, because I remember it has enzymes so it should work good on all of these mostly organic stains we have.

  • My husbands work clothes after he has burned brush in the rain with all that mud!

  • Andrea Williams

    Hubby puts wet towels in the laundry that smell, keeping socks white (never happens completely) and getting food grease stains out of shirts. These are my toughest problems!

  • Charlotte

    My husbands laundry, he gets covered in grease!

  • Jacob LaFountaine

    Have to go with socks

  • asmith

    collar on white shirts

  • Elena

    My problem is that my son’s socks are always so dirty and it’s hard to make them clean

  • Anonymous

    dirty socks and baby spilled food.

  • Jen

    Dance tights always have those dirty feet and I can’t make them go away.

  • My biggest stain problem would have to be my 6 year olds clothes. He somehow always ends up with grease stains on them! I am baffled as to how because no one else gets them. I am constantly battling these stains! Its war!!!

  • ashley

    keeping my socks nice and white! :/

  • Vera K

    Biggest laundry challenge is white socks in the summer.

  • rachel

    Grease stains from cooking…ugh! Never seems to come out.

  • Wild Orchid

    My biggest laundry challenge is that my son is potty training!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  • Twila

    Towels that smell musty after awhile…although I’ve discovered a good wash in hot water and vinegar then again in hot water and baking soda takes care of this problem.

  • Nichole Miller Shamblin

    My kids cloths! They always are stained!

  • Having soon-to-be 7 kids makes for a lot of laundry!

  • mary m

    my kids clothes are what needs the most help around here. My sons pants are usually muddy and my daughter is always getting food on her shirts!

  • Melissa

    My worst by far is my running gear!!! Ewwwwww!!!!

  • Shawnda

    I have two boys who are 2 and 4. Enough said.

  • Jaime

    My biggest problems are a toss-up between my husband, who, I swear, changes his clothes 3 times a day (he also plays softball, so I deal with dusty and grimy uniforms), and my teenage son (which is self-explanatory) who plays tennis.

  • Teresa

    My worst is when hubby works in the yard/garden. After, his clothes are covered with fertilizer, grass, dirt, etc…..

  • Danielle T

    i battle grass stains and spilled juice

  • My husband has dirty socks after working in the garden that are are real chore to get clean they are the worst.

  • Rachael E

    I hate trying to wash towels that have been used but have not dried so they are musty

  • Heb

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problem is my son’s stinky blankie and his favorite stuffed animals. They are in constant rotation in the washer and I still find an aura of “boy smell” haunting them.

  • Sue F.

    Towels that smell musty! :(

  • Caroline

    The baby’s clothes….especially after spending the day at daycare!

  • Karen Y

    My biggest stain problem is my kid’s grungy gym uniforms. Eeek, help !

  • Jen G

    My #dirtylaundry problem is getting all of the dirt out of my twin boys clothing (especially socks–they go running outside with just their socks on!), and also getting all of the baby food stains out of my infant’s clothes.

  • ashley

    definitely socks. are they supposed to stay white??

  • steph

    My biggest problem area is my boys pants – they are always so dirty or covered in grass stains!

  • Livivua Chandler

    my biggest problem is my husband’s socks that he wears outside like shoes and my daughter uniforms that have grease stains that never comes out

  • sarah

    I have two little boys so laundry is definitely an issue

  • Cathy

    My biggest stain problem is my kids’ white baseball pants. I recently had to wash some pairs three times to get all the dirt and grass out! Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Tiffany Winner

    my toddler’s clothes and cloth diapers

  • Lauren

    Mine would be my 4 year old. She still isn’t the cleanest eater, so her clothes end up with food on them fairly often!

  • kate neal

    #dirty laundry problem is my husbands work clothes!!

  • Carey

    My 3 month old blow outs. I have a hard time getting the stain off his onesies.

  • Shannon S

    My girl’s softball uniforms – especially after a long tournament day in the rain!

  • michelle g

    Kids stains esp jello

  • Allie

    potty training a toddler. :)

  • Sandy

    Typically I don’t have any laundry “problems.” I have figured out how to get just about anything out of everything. There are are so many natural products as well as non-natural products that will remove stains of all kinds – greasy or non-greasy… and if we are doing something where a stain matters – like gardening or playing in the creek – we wear play clothes…. then our biggest clothing problem is rips, tears, etc!

  • Traci

    My biggest laundry problem are my son’s uniform pants & shirts. Pen, marker, grass stains, juice, spaghetti sauce….ugh!

  • Cathy

    My 3-year & 5-year olds’ clothes. I have no idea what some of the stains are, but they are a challenge!

  • Erin T

    Our toddler’s clothes…there are always some interesting stains!

  • Joy W

    My biggest laundry problem would be my 2 boys clothes. They love mud holes! The washer doesn’t agree with their love.

  • Diane G

    My biggest laundry problem has to be my teenagers and husband’s clothing, especially whites. They get dirty and sweaty and it’s hard to get that dinginess out of whites.

  • Lisa Brown

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problem is my husband’s clothing after a hard day’s work :)
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • My biggest problem are my STINKY MALE TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    Willing to try anything!!!!!

  • Biggest problem? Keeping whites white!

  • Qpon Jenn

    I have a 2 year old so my #dirtylaundry is his clothes, never ending pile.

  • Katie

    My biggest cleaning area is definitely my son’s clothes. He is 3 & ALL boy!:)

  • Lisa D

    My #dirtylaundry problem is the amount of laundry I do. My husband changes like 3 times a day. I can’t keep up!

  • Amber

    I have a two year old and she can really get some serious stains some of the I don’t even know where they came from they just appear from out of no where!

  • Stephanie

    Ring around the collar, and grease stains.

  • Tina

    dingy whites and toddler clothes withall kinds of mystery stains.

  • Nichole McKinnon

    My #dirtylaundry problem is my hubby’s work clothes, he has printing ink all over his shirts every day.

  • bettina vernon

    My biggest laundry challenge is the kids washable paint that never actually washes out!

  • Alisa H

    My oldest daughter wipes everything on her clothes. I have a hard time getting her clothes clean.

  • angie

    My biggest dirty laundry problem is that it keeps piling up and doesn’t wash itself. But in reality, though, its that my potty training 3 year old spills everything and lots of his clothes keep the stains after being washed.

  • Amy D.

    Our white socks turn grey!

  • Andrea

    Keeping whites white and not yellow.

  • Sharon

    My latest big laundry problem was from when my daughter had the stomach flu and accidentally went #2 in her underwear :(

  • Margot C

    My biggest laundry problem is me; seriously! It’s the gardening, it’s the grass stains, it’s the mud, it’s the pasta sauce … I’m worse than a little kid.

  • maribel

    My biggest laundry challenge is the typical sock and knee stains on pants.

  • Karin A

    sweat stains

  • coupgurl69

    Getting any stain out that is oil based. Impossible.

    • Sandie

      shout in the aerosol can should do the trick. :)

  • Tonia J

    My #dirtylaundry problem is not knowing how whiten my shirts without bleaching the color part of my mostly white shirt.

  • Brooke

    My biggest laundry problem is getting something clean after movie theatre popcorn butter has left a spot. I absolutely have found nothing that gets the spot out that is left if a piece of buttery popcorn falls on a shirt or pants.

  • Elisabeth

    My biggest laundry problem is the amount! With seven kids, we’ve always got the washer and dryer going, and a stack waiting to be folded.

  • Amber

    Kid stains! Especially baby food… never comes out!

  • Elizabeth

    My #dirtylaundry problem is my husbands work clothes. He’s does roofing so he comes home a big mess.

  • Tim

    Our dirtiest laundry is when I work on my truck!

  • Erica Best

    my #dirtylaundry problem are getting whites to stay that way

  • Jessica F

    My #dirtylaundry problem is that my kids’ clothes after they play sports are always muddy!

  • Stefanie Gladden

    my biggest #dirtylaundry problem is my dad’s dirty socks. he has the smelliest feet, and I can never get them to stop smelling!!

  • I have used Biz all my life but I never knew to use it for anything beyond laundry. I’m impressed!

    Soccer socks are the worst. I absolutely wish they were disposable.

  • Amy

    Definitely baby & toddler messes!! I am amazed what I find where. Thanks for the cleaning tips!

  • Jessie C.

    My biggest dirty laundry problem would be kids socks and clothing. They play soccer after school and all those mud and grass stains…

  • mahum

    my biggest #dirtylaundry problem is my toddlers clothing. hes learning how to feed himself which means more food goes on his clothes and the floor then his mouth. my other biggest #dirtylaundry is my husbands clothes. he works on cars so theres oil and greese.

  • marian

    My biggest dirty laundry problem would be my oldest child’s clothes. She always spills something!

  • Maria

    Just the fact that I have 2 grown kids and my hubby that’s like a kid. Laundry is just the worst. I’m printing the coupon to try this out

  • Natalie

    #dirtylaundry problems are constant for me and the family. From cooking to soccer grass stains to being a teacher and having half the arts and crafts on my clothing!

  • Kelly D

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problem is food stains on our clothes, either from my kids being messy, or from when I am cooking dinner- oils stains are the most difficult.

  • Angela Yer

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problem is my 6 year olds clothing. No matter what she wears or where she goes, she always manages to stain them with food, markers, grass stains, or something else.

  • My 1st grader’s shirts. She gets EVERYthing all over the sleeves (marker, crayon, paint, pen, pencil, food…boogers, haha…you name it). And I swear they should be using washable art supplies at school but they aren’t. It’s hard to get it all out.

  • oscar

    Our biggest #dirtylaundry problem is our son’s work clothes. He works at a restaurant and his work clothes are always covered in grease.

  • Caroline

    I just have too much laundry! Stains aren’t too bad right now but as soon as soccer season starts next week, the grass and mud stains will be awful!

  • Maureen

    My husband is a Mr Fix it so you can guess we have some stains some not the easiest to get out. Then we both like to bake so chocolate when we bake and tomato juice when we cook.

  • DAWN

    My biggest #dirtylaundry is my hubbys work clothes!

  • Mami2jcn

    My biggest #dirtylaundry problems are mud and grass stains after my sons go outside to play.

  • Jamee Newton

    #dirtylaundry plain every day living with 4 guys and a dog in the house!!

  • Melody

    #dirtylaundry problem is grease stains, plus just the sheer amount of laundry.

  • My biggest dirty laundry problem would be grass stains on kids’ clothes – and grease spatters (from cooking) on mine!